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We believe that homeownership is the foundation of generational wealth for most families. While we encourage homeownership and economic development in every area of our community, our focus is on southeast Fort Wayne. We are working hard to be present in our community and to make ourselves available to anyone who wants to buy a home. We facilitate educational forums on homeownership and facilitate summits on economic development to educate our community on the training and resources that are available to help make them succeed financially.

We want to celebrate and acknowledge those partners in the community that have helped us become successful in making homeownership possible for so many families in our community. We are proud to present the first annual RANI Awards where we honor partners in the housing industry who have made great strides in making homeownership possible, accessible, and affordable. We are asking your support in making this event a success.

Our inaugural event, the RANI Awards will bring all professional housing industry partners and the community together to celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals who have excelled in their field of mortgage lending, real estate brokerage, title companies, and affiliates. On Friday, October 13 , 2023, at 6:30 pm, we will host the RANI Awards at the Mirro Center, 10622 Parkview Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46845. We are expecting nearly 200 housing industry partners and community leaders to attend. We are asking for your support to help us honor those individuals who have worked hard to make homeownership possible for all.

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